Tasting Weird Baby Food
DeathAngel Hour ago
i like the new eye chart shirt.
Jason White
Jason White Hour ago
Reminds me of the time I went to see The Last Jedi in the Theater, I drank of bunch and after I had to pee so bad I could barely walk to the bathroom. I took what was probably the longest pee of my life... it may have been over 3 mins. My girlfriend was waiting for me and she couldn't believe it - she was about to ask someone to check on me.
MF LO MEIN Hour ago
“ I might have sharted a little bit” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
BossJosh Hour ago
OK! You set up the female version! Another episode please. The human body need these test.
Andrea Rae
Andrea Rae Hour ago
I can’t not think about the scene from A League of Their Own 😆
Logan Isaacson
Logan Isaacson Hour ago
Link, are you doing okay? You seemed a little outta it haha
Peyton H
Peyton H Hour ago
YES PLEASE! a sequel
Abbi Hunt
Abbi Hunt Hour ago
Is this another april fools video?
The Manhands
The Manhands Hour ago
Jesse Price
Jesse Price Hour ago
Am I the only one seeing the true cry for help at 0:47.... "i am an alive human and... alive and relevant and... bring on the cakes"
adam stull
adam stull Hour ago
Anyone thinking by the title there was going to be a bladder blowout?
Mini Mochi
Mini Mochi Hour ago
Didn't have to pee until I started watching this video...
Official AMP
Official AMP Hour ago
Carrie Anthony
Carrie Anthony Hour ago
Link looks like he's really hurting and then Rhett goes did you find a second bladder I am in tears I'm laughing so hard.
Emily Snyder
Emily Snyder Hour ago
“This is one of the best thing we’ve had on this show” I swear they say this at least once in every will it since josh became mythical chef lol
محمد Hour ago
We want part 2 next week
James Carlo Cerezo
James Carlo Cerezo 2 hours ago
heyyyyy I just have this Idea. Can you get pop boulders. its like pop rocs but bigger hahaha
cowboy baby
cowboy baby 2 hours ago
the solidarity im feeling with stevie rn is unreal
FrigginOutOfBlue 2 hours ago
Link got them strooong Kegel muscles
Cameron Truong
Cameron Truong 2 hours ago
When they first started: picks random topic and discusses it 2021: testing who can pee the longest
ffejnamsdnal 2 hours ago
Thomas McNamara
Thomas McNamara 2 hours ago
Reyon88 2 hours ago
lol stever is ashamed of them feetsies
Stefan Radosavljevic
Stefan Radosavljevic 2 hours ago
That was Impressive
David Antunez
David Antunez 2 hours ago
Link sharted confirmed
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty 2 hours ago
Now I just want to watch the movie ‘Caveman’! “Lana zug-zug Atuk.”
fmx_ridin 2 hours ago
Be honest, who else went and timed their pee after watching?
Stephen Brewster
Stephen Brewster 2 hours ago
I was today years old when I heard "wonger" for the first time
Sean 2 hours ago
This video made me have to go pee
femme music
femme music 2 hours ago
Aight I’m the target audience
Chase Gifford
Chase Gifford 2 hours ago
Link peeing was like when Austin Powers woke up from a deep freeze 😆
Chase Gifford
Chase Gifford 2 hours ago
Link peeing was hysterical 😆 Like the energizer bunny, just kept going and going and going...
ANASOFIA 2 hours ago
Link being one with his pee is life changing, lowkey has given me real motivation to have control over my body, loveu guys
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez 2 hours ago
Evacuation: Compl- ⛲
Kent Lindstrom
Kent Lindstrom 2 hours ago
This was by far one of my most favorite episodes and I hope they do more like it!
Ferdabois 2 hours ago
How was going that slow not painful 😬
Lazy Enthusiasm
Lazy Enthusiasm 2 hours ago
You're not supposed to eat the head of the cat tail, you eat the stalk.
Jack Hinkley
Jack Hinkley 2 hours ago
Whats up with the colour correction at 4:33 , it's so noticeable.
Karol Badowski
Karol Badowski 2 hours ago
I am 8.5 minutes into the video and Rhett keeps talking. When will the show start?
Missy B
Missy B 2 hours ago
Ho me ho lololol
BB-8 BB-8
BB-8 BB-8 2 hours ago
K so I saw the video uploaded but didn’t watch it until now and um I can’t believe it a man peeing and talking about Pee and poo poo. Also I can I hold my pee for about 5hours and have to stay on the toilet for at least 1min
SpaceGhostMatt 2 hours ago
Why does it seem like they kept giving link the rarer ones?
Subjekt One
Subjekt One 2 hours ago
Link's pee just kept going... After 2min I legit thought it was a joke, like an April fool or something. 😂
Dylan Mcgehee
Dylan Mcgehee 2 hours ago
My brain did not need to remember that shrek cereal existed
Dalton Martin
Dalton Martin 2 hours ago
Their faces have me in tears lmaoo
Quinn Marlin
Quinn Marlin 2 hours ago
Awkward 🤣
JXZ2 3 hours ago
8 and a half minutes? Was it a cow!?
dcbsmt 3 hours ago
You need to look up Martina Navratilova's pee story. It's very funny.
Chaos Reigns
Chaos Reigns 3 hours ago
I need to go to the Pagan universe to be with my people
henryfearme wrestling
henryfearme wrestling 3 hours ago
4:38 had me dying
DiscoSamurai 3 hours ago
Horrible_Sharts 3 hours ago
I really want to see who can blast harder now too
we potato
we potato 3 hours ago
I didnt know that i have piss kink.......until now.........
Rachelle Berry
Rachelle Berry 3 hours ago
Are Cheeto’s the same as Twisties? I’m in Aus
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome 3 hours ago
Next week on GMM: Who Can Take The Biggest Dump? (Experiment)
Ollie Potter
Ollie Potter 3 hours ago
I feel like I wasn’t supposed to see this. 😂
Hax Bobbo
Hax Bobbo 3 hours ago
link im sorry to say this but i may think you have kidney sones
Nicole Briscoe
Nicole Briscoe 3 hours ago
Did anyone else think this was a distance contest at first?
Olivia Funk
Olivia Funk 3 hours ago
link is too precious for this world. we must protect him at all costs.
Hampus Stenlund
Hampus Stenlund 3 hours ago
Kenna P
Kenna P 3 hours ago
i feel like i just watched something i wasn’t supposed to
integrity 3 hours ago
good mythical mpreg
Catilleon D
Catilleon D 3 hours ago
I did not expect to reminded of 4D theatres. Unfortunately, they'll need a lot more than that to save the cinema industry now.
Cass Berlin
Cass Berlin 3 hours ago
This cannot be real
Mike R
Mike R 3 hours ago
Next week they try to beat randy marsh for the biggest poop
stephanie prokop
stephanie prokop 3 hours ago
Need the follow up episode for sure!
Martha Newsome
Martha Newsome 3 hours ago
I have held my pee for 12 hours and peed over 2 liters.
Joey Valencia
Joey Valencia 3 hours ago
No one: link: in front of the camera “I think I might have sharted”
ArtisticSimmer01 3 hours ago
That is the most UNSAFE thing you could do to yourself...I hope you were being safe about this concept.
Ryan Radowicz
Ryan Radowicz 3 hours ago
Denise Zimmerman
Denise Zimmerman 3 hours ago
Is it bad that this is now one of my favorite episodes??
Alfred Reed
Alfred Reed 3 hours ago
I'm watching link pee the longest while I'm taking the longest dump I've ever had
Brady Merkl
Brady Merkl 3 hours ago
anyone know who makes Link's Jacket?
Emil Landén
Emil Landén 3 hours ago
At last a presidential episode.
Lindsay Roberto
Lindsay Roberto 3 hours ago
I lost it when link was like “I may have sharted a bit” but I CACKLED when Stevie said :You what?!?”
Just For Fun69
Just For Fun69 3 hours ago
Ngl this was actually one of the more entertaining videos
Myra khan
Myra khan 3 hours ago
Jade's face at 8:09 is me throughout this video
Whats-My-Fandom 3 hours ago
Chase looks amazing <3
Robb Løwē
Robb Løwē 3 hours ago
Rhett Saying She Couldn't Breathe We All Laughed.! 😭😭
leo shh
leo shh 3 hours ago
This may be the first episode i watch uncomfortably